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Advertising that sells

  • Advertising network BluEgg code

    Are you looking for advertisement that sells?
    Do you want more sales?
    Do you want to attract new customers?
    Do you want to promote new goods or services?

  • Innovation in advertising

  • Advertisement that sells!

    1) Interactive mobile coupons

    2) In the most popular places in your city

    3) The most active and solvent target audience


International new generation advertising network with local and national advertisers

Just scan or tap with your phone!

The concept: simple, like all brilliant

  • One BluEgg code

    Contains the best deals, promotions, coupons and discounts in the city

  • In hundreds of places

    Located in the most popular places in the city

  • Thousands of clients

    Scan the code every day to find the best deals

Find out in 7 easy steps how the BluEgg code works

One code - many good deals!

Thousands of people scan the same code every day searching for the best deals. They all scan one BluEgg code. But everyone will see a different offer, coupon, discount or sales promotion in their phone. In addition to scanning the code you can simply tap the NFC-enabled phone to the BluEgg code.

Time targeting - different coupons at different time!

Different coupons, discounts and promotions are displayed at different time. On showing BluEgg coupons online, one may specify days of the week and time of broadcast every 15 minutes.

Geo-targeting - different coupons in different places!

Different coupons are placed in different parts of city. We determine the user actual location right up the street and house number, and show good deals next to them..

Device-targeting - different coupons for different models!

We can show the different offers for different mobile devices models. Owners of smartphones on Android, Iphone, Ipad, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Mobile, Blacberry, Nokia, etc. can see discounts , coupons, promotions and deals different from each other.

BluEgg code - in hundreds of places in the city

BluEgg code is in the hundreds of the most popular city public places: cafes, cinemas, shops, shopping malls and entertainment centers, clinics, bus stops, entrances, shuttles, etc. And also in the tens of thousands of printed materials: the local newspaper, the housing office receipts, tickets, flyers, souvenirs and much more. You'll also be able to meet the BluEgg code on some popular products packages..

Target audience is your potential customers!

Our consumers are active, young, and solvent! Target group: from 18 to 50 years old, they are active users of mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and social networks. Coupons, discounts, promotions, special offers, new items of goods and services are right on mobile telephone screen of potential customers!

Interactive Coupons are adapted for mobile devices!

Interactive coupons in BluEgg code include photos, video, audio, order forms, countdown timers, customer loyalty programs, coupon programs, scratch cards, integration with social networks, SMS and mailing lists, more than 3,000 ready-made items of sell graph and more. No more paperwork! Visitors store coupons directly in their mobile phones! They all look great on all the models of phones, smartphones and tablets!

Th Great Idea in 1 minute video

Advanced advertising technologies for your business

Mobile marketing
BT marketing
SMS marketing
NFC marketing
QR marketing
  • QR marketing
  • NFC marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Bluetooth marketing
  • SMS marketing

About BluEgg code

Find out more about revolutionary advertising idea!


About BluEgg network

BluEgg code – International new generation advertising network with local and international advertisers

In each city, we place 1 BluEgg code, behind which many profitable offers, coupons and discounts are hiding. Thousands of people scan code every day in a variety of public places to find out about new discounts, promotions and sales.

Multilingual BluEgg platform allows to create interactive coupons adapted for viewing on mobile devices: phones, smartphones and tablets.

Platform capabilities allow you to create coupons with time, and geo-targeting containing video, ready-to-sell graphics, scratch cards, bonus and coupon programs, social networks integration, and more.

For advertisers

For local companies We offer, at affordable prices, advanced advertising technologies in the field of mobile and contact marketing for products and services promotion, coupons distribution , discounts and promos on BluEgg network for city residents.

For national advertisers we offer to advertise your goods or services in BluEgg code, located in several cities of the country chosen or in national BluEgg codes that are placed on some popular products.

All our clients can also use an unique opportunity and apply BluEgg code technology in your own advertising: print, in the Media or SMS lists. Liven up your ad and make it interactive with BluEgg technology. Create dynamic interactive coupon codes for any advertising - from the price tag in the store to billboards around city!

BluEgg makes sophisticated and advanced mobile technologies and the contact marketing available for all kinds businesses: from beauty salon to national supermarket chains.

The main technologies that we use in the BluEgg code are: QR, NFC, Bluetooth marketing and mobile marketing.


For consumers

We offer consumers a unique shopping experience with the use of BluEgg code online coupons. Discounts, promotions, special offers and sales, new products and services, in a word, the best deals in the city are now one code away from you.

Without gender and age limiting, fast, easy and fun. Unobtrusive advertising, which is not annoying but it helps to orient on ocean of deals and offers finding the best of them. And all you need to do is just scan the code or tap it with your device with NFC support. Each time you get new coupon, deal or discount!

No more paperwork! Interactive coupons with video demonstrations of products, directions, scratch cards directly on your smartphone or tablet, with the ability to immediately buy products from the catalog or to order services at a discount.

Guaranteed free! Getting free coupons is free for consumers.

The best deals in your city in one code from you!Get a free scanner

For partners

Those who wish to start their own advertising business and become a representative of BluEgg code in their city, we offer the best affiliate program. Build your own advertising network consisting of thousands of advertising platforms and offer local advertisers to distribute their coupons and discounts.

Become part of a successful business and join growing international advertising network until your city is not taken!

This is your unique opportunity to get a profitable business on a turnkey basis with little investment and high return.

Also a license sale for producing an online catalog of "BluEgg 33"coupons is now on!

Exclusive licenses on the city are available.

Find out, if your city is available for an affiliate program.Become a partner

Find out about BluEgg 33 affiliate program Become a partner


Mobile coupons in BluEgg Code



for viewing on all mobile devices

All the coupons created by you will be fully adapted for viewing on mobile devices


Multi-media based

made in online designer program

Create an attractive interactive coupon or share out of ready-made modules and templates in just a few minutes



and "viral" (spread themselves)

Users themselves will distribute among their friends all the coupons you created


Sell online!

accepting payments online right in the coupon

Plug your billing system and arrange sale and receipt of payments directly in client mobile phone

Global trends in advertising and marketing

30% of smartphone users want to scan QR codes to get a discount
38% of the world's media activity goes via smartphones
40% of the customers leaving your store could be returned with the help of mobile technology
41% of search queries is related to local companies
49% of mobile visits lead to a deal
60% of purchases via smartphones are made from home
62% of smartphone owners want to be able to call directly from the site
73% of smartphone users visit social networks every day
78% of visitors leave the site immediately if it is not adapted to their mobile device
80% of all searches on smartphones happen spontaneously

A revolutionary breakthrough of 2014

Do you know that the world is on the verge of a grand breakthrough in mobile technologies?

FACT The number of mobile phones in some countries exceed the population of these countries (USA, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and others)

FACT Of the 4 billion mobile phones in the world 1.9 billion aresmartphones. Android and Apple take 74% of the world market. They all have a QR code scanner.

2011 In 2011, QR codes scan with smartphones has increased by 300%.

2012 In 2012, Internet traffic through smart phones had increased by 105%

2014 According to Morgan and Stanley agency estimates, in 2014 the Internet traffic over mobile devices will exceed traffic through desktop computers.

Is your business ready to sell using mobile technologies?


For advertisers

Advanced advertising technologies at affordable prices

Stream your coupons, discounts and promotions in BluEgg code


Highly effective

While the effectiveness of traditional advertising falls, mobile advertising is gaining momentum. It is known that the conversion rate of mobile advertising is higher than the traditional one and mobile coupons to 10 times more likely to apply to redemption than paper. More than 30% of consumers are willing to scan the code to get a discount.


Affordable prices

Select the appropriate data plan and place your coupons in the BluEgg code in one city or in several cities in your country. Set up an opportunity for geo-targeting and temporary display of your promo. Use the coupons that you have created, not only in the BluEgg code, but also in your own advertising (print or SMS)!


Practical designer

Allows you to build a mobile coupon out of pre-fabricated modules for just a few minutes. You can use: videos, pictures, more than 3000 items of selling graphics, countdown time, scratch cards, bonus and coupon programs, mobile maps with a map and directions, call buttons, social networks and more.

Favorable conditions for local and national advertisers


how to use BluEgg code

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